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Why Invest Now?

Investing in a future that has stability like one with gold instead of printed paper is the best option for retirement. Even silver has gained popularity and is being bought up!


Silver bars and coins do cost less in case you were looking to save on your next purchase but gold is THE standard when it comes to preserving your wealth. I mean people wouldn’t be protecting it if it was so heavily prized.

Remember when the stock market crashed back in 2008 and everyone lost countless amounts of money.

  • Lives were completely ruined
  • Jobs were lost
  • And the damage was irreparable

People still can’t get back up on their feet after that monumental loss. That type of devastation has happened before and will most certainly happen again. The stock market, like life, will have its highs and lows, but sometimes things don’t level out.

The Next Crash

When Jim Rogers, a 74 year old multi-million dollar investor, was asked about the future of the stock market he had this to say.

Some stocks in America are turning into a bubble, the bubble is going to come, and then it’s going to collapse. You should be very worried,” said Jim Rogers

How big a crash could we be looking at?” Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget asked.

It’s going to be the biggest in my lifetime,” the 74-year-old investor said.

10 Reasons the Next Crisis Will Be Worse

  1. Markets are far more volatile now in the wake of Brexit and Trump’s election.

    Against all odds, the U.S. has elected Donald Trump as its new president and no one can predict how the next four years will go. As a commander in chief, Trump now has the power to declare a nuclear war and nobody can legally stop him. Britain has left the EU and other European countries are planning to follow their example. No matter where you are located in the western world, uncertainty is in the air like never before.

  2. The U.S. Government has its Eye on Retirement Accounts.

    In 2010 Portugal seized retirement account assets to help plug holes with government deficits and debt. Ireland and France did the same in 2011, as did Poland in 2013. The U.S. government has been watching. Since 2011, Treasury has taken money from government workers’ pension funds on four separate occasions to cover deficits in federal spending. Investing billionaire legend Jim Rogers believes that private accounts will be the next ones the government raids.

  3. Top 5 US Banks Now Larger Than Before the Crisis.

    You learned about the five largest banks in the U.S. and their systemic importance as the unfolding financial crisis threatened to collapse them. Legislators and regulators promised they would address this issue once the crisis was contained. Over five years after the crisis ended, the five biggest banks are even bigger and more critical to the system than before the crisis began. The government made the problem worse when it forced some of these so called “too big to fail” banks to absorb the failing ones. Any of these banking behemoths failing now would be absolutely catastrophic.

  4. Danger from Derivatives Threatens the Banks More Now than in 2007/2008.

    The derivatives that crashed the banks back in 2008 did not disappear as regulators promised. Today the derivatives exposure of the five biggest American banks is a whopping 45% greater than before the economic collapse of 2008. The derivative bubble is over $273 trillion now versus the $187 trillion of 2008.

  5. U.S. Interest Rates are Already at Abnormal Lows so the Fed has Little Room to Cut Rates.

    Even after raising interest rates once last year, the Federal funds rate is still in the range of ¼ to ½ percent. Consider that before the crisis erupted in August of 2007, the Federal funds interest rates sat at 5.25%! In the next crisis, the Fed will have less than half a percentage point total it can reduce rates to stimulate the economy.

  6. American Banks Are Not the Safest Place for Your Money.

    Global Finance magazine puts out a yearly list of the top 50 safest global banks. Only 5 of those are U.S. based. The top spot an American bank commands is only #39.

  7. The Fed Balance Sheet is Still Expanded from the Financial Crisis of 2008.  

    The Fed still has nearly $1.8 trillion in mortgage backed securities on its balance sheet from the 2008 financial crisis. This is more than double the less than $1 trillion it held before the crisis began. When mortgage backed securities go bad again, the Federal Reserve has a lot less maneuverability to absorb bad assets than before.

  8. The FDIC Admits it Lacks Reserves to Cover Another Banking Crisis.

    The latest FDIC’s annual report shows that they will not have sufficient reserves to adequately insure the nation’s banking deposits for minimally another five years. This stunning revelation admits that they can only cover 1.01% of U.S. bank held deposits, or $1 out of every $100 of your bank account deposits.

  9. Long Term Unemployment Is Still Higher than Before the Great Recession.

    Unemployment was 4.4% in early 2007 before the last crisis began. While the unemployment rate has finally reached the 4.7% levels seen as the financial crisis began to ravage the U.S. economy, the long term unemployment remains high and the employment participation rate significantly lower more than five years after the previous crisis ended. Joblessness could be much higher in the wake of the coming crisis.

  10. American Businesses Failing at a Record Pace.

    In the beginning of 2016, the Gallup CEO Jim Clifton announced that American business failures are now greater than new business startups for the first time in over three decades. The dearth of medium and small businesses has huge implications for an economy long driven by free enterprise. Bigger businesses are not immune to the problems either. Even American economic heavy weights like Microsoft (reducing 18,000 jobs) and McDonald’s (shutting down 700 stores for the year) are suffering from this dismal trend.

The real question is,

Do You Want the Next Crash to Bankrupt to You?

And I know what you’re thinking,

“That won’t happen to me?”

That’s what everything thinks. But remember, didn’t some of the things that  you thought couldn’t happen to you did, didn’t it.

  • “I won’t lose my job.”
  • “I won’t be the one who gets sick.”
  • “I won’t lose all of my money.”

We all get hit with a reality check at some point in our lives. Think back on all the things you wish that you knew and didn’t. I’m giving you the information so you can avoid this reality check altogether.

The problem is, people don’t really think about tragedy until AFTER it occurs, not before.

You need to plan just in case something does happen. Don’t put it off until it inevitably does.

It’s better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it.

I bet most of those people who lost everything wish they didn’t put all their money into someone else’s hands. I bet most of them wish they would have been prepared.

Are YOU prepared?

Put your life back into your hands, your OWN hands because only you know what’s best for you. I’m not saying that you must buy gold and silver to secure your future. What I’m saying is that it would be foolish not to.


One group I recommend is Regal Assets. They sell both gold and silver in the form of bars and coins. They can ship them directly to you for your own safe keeping or have them secure in their own vaults, whichever you prefer. You can also directly invest in gold if you choose or rollover your IRA or 401k account.

They’re also highly reviewed.


I was very nervous in transfering my money from my IRA to a gold IRA account. I was dealing with Ryder Ray of Regal Assets. He made my transaction very easy and at my own pace. They did not pressure me at all like another company did. He was very informative in every way. Very pleased with the transactions and will continue to do business with him and his company. Thanks again Ryder Ray.

– William M.

It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Regal Assets. They have been very responsive and helpful. My most recent contact with Ryder Ray was a pleasure. He assisted with funding my retirement account when my previously assigned broker was unavailable due to a family emergency. Ryder answered questions and provided guidance regarding investment choices. His assistance was greatly appreciated.

– Mary S.

After reviewing two similar companies, I decided with Regal Assets to diversify my IRA. I owe this decision and pleasure of dealing with RYDER RAY, and Christian to buying precious metals. Ryder’s friendly and informative service helped me guide me through the process smoothly. I also had Jannette complete the quick transfer process. Everyone was patient resolving my questions, and options. You can’t ask for better service and easy transition. I highly recommend Regal Assets, and Ryder Ray!

– paul b.

I recently had a 401k rollover into a precious metals IRA account through Regal Assets. It was a smooth transaction with fantastic assistance from Derrick Gordon. Communication and follow up was excellent throughout the process. It was every bit the positive experience. I am going to transfer another account over to Regal in the near future. Thanks to Derrick and the team for answering all questions with clear details. Very knowledgeable and helpful.UPDATE… Second account went even better than the first!! Have enjoyed talking with Derrick on all occasions and looking forward to future transactions. The information he has given me is rock solid.

– Kreg D.

See, the reviews speak for themselves.

Don’t end up like those who lost their entire lifesaving’s in an instant. Make a conscious decision to invest in your retirement TODAY so you have something of value tomorrow.

Now I can’t make you do anything but remember this, If you don’t have a plan for your life, that means someone else does.

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